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Terms of use

The general terms of use for AuRIX.lv web page applies to all bookings done online, via phone, fax or e-mail. Make sure you have read and understand these terms before making a booking.

SIA "ERCHERCOGS" may change the terms of use at any time, without a prior notice. Please read all terms before you make a reservaon;

User rights and liabilities:

User is liable for all actions done on AuRIX.lv and any information submitted to the web page.
Users  may not interefere or tamper with the system in any way that could potentially affect it's stability and security. In case of a violation SIA "ERCHERCOS" may unilarerally deny access and stop providing any services, without an explanation and prior warning.
User agrees to processing and storage of personal data for security purposes.

Users agree that all submitted data will be processed by SIA "ERCHERCOGS", reg. No. 40103371127, Rīga, Aspazijas bulvāris 24 - 5, LV-1050, Latvia, under the personal data protection act.

You consent to understanding these terms and conditions when using AuRIX.lv web page and commit to following these rules and tracking any changes prior to making a booking.

User e-mail addresses are not published nor disclosed to any third party without users' explicit consent.