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Privacy  policy


Data processing entity

SIA "ERCHERCOGS", registration No. 40103371127, legal address Rīga, Aspazijas bulvāris 24-5, LV-1050, Latvia.

Phone: +371 26472000, e-mail:

Processing of personal information

Your first and last names, contact information(e-mail and phone number), address and any other information you submit when creating a booking online is processed and stored to provide services and protect the legitimate and business interests of SIA "ERCHERCOGS".

Your first and last names, government issued identification number, address, your passport and drivers license details, any information that you have submitted, along with any other required information will be processed and stored to protect SIA "ERCHERCOGS" legal interests, i.e. administrative penalties and/or any damages caused.

Personal data protection, processing and storage duration: any personal data may be stored for any period of time that is required to protect SIA "ERCHERCOGS" legal interests. Personal data that is used for business purposees are stored separately from analytics data and are not associated in any way.

Any personal information that you willfully provide SIA "ERCHERCOGS" with will be processed according to Regulation (EU) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 2016/679 (27th of April, 2016) regarding protection, use and processing of private information of private entities thus complying with Directive 95/46/EK (GDPR).

SIA "ERCHERCOGS" does not transfer personal information to third parties.

Technical details related to visitors of web page are recorded by our internet service provider for analytics purposes. This information may be used to identify visitors of web page. What is recorded:

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Any cookie related information may be used to personally identify web page visitors. All navigation data is under control of SIA "ERCHERCOGS".

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