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General terms of rental

CAR BOOKING: All displayed vehicle make and models are for illustrative purposes. Your rental vehicle make and model may differ within your seleced group.

BOOKING CANCELLATION: You will get a full refund for a fully pre-paid  booking if you cancel up to 3 (three) days before your rental. Funds will be transferred back into the account used to pay for the booking.

If you inform us about cancelling your rental in advance (e-mail, , all pre-paid funds will be returned to the account used to pay for he booking within 30 (thirty) days.

CHANGING YOUR BOOKED VEHICLE: It is possible to upgrade to a larger vehicle or extend your booking for an additional fee, given sufficient availability.


a. AuRIX may withheld an administrative fee of 40.00 EUR if you cancel a fully pre-paid booking less than 3 (three) days prior to rental;

b. if you fail to show up within 1 (one) hour after booking start date or you fail to show up within 2 (two) hours after your flight arrival time, applicable to bookings made at AuRIX airport office and given flight reservation number is provided in comments of your booking, AuRIX may withheld a no-show administrative fee of 40.00 EUR.

EARLY VEHICLE RETURN: AuRIX will not refund you if you return your vehicle early.

PAYMENT METHODS: Car rental may be pre-paid online or using a credit card at any of AuRIX car rental offices. If you pay for your booking online, we will reserve the full amount for the booking and any additional extras you may have selected. You must have sufficient funds on your payment card for any planned  expenses.

You may only pay your booking using a cash-less payment method.

PAYMENT CARDS: You may only pay for your booking using an Mastercard and Visa payment card.

PAYMENT IDENTIFICATION: The person which made the booking must also be the primary driver using the vehicle. For identification and  safety purposes you will need to present the same payment card used to pre-pay your reservation online at when picking up of your vehicle.

FUEL: You will receive your vehicle with a full tank of fuel. You also need to return your vehicle with a full fuel tank. If you return your vehicle with missing fuel, a refuelling charge, stated in your rental contract, will be applied.

MOVEMENT RESTRICTIONS: You may only drive your rental car within the territories of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. If you wish to drive an AuRIX vehicle to a different European Union member state, you need a written permission from AuRIX first. You also need to purchase additional insurance.

RENTAL PRICE: A daily price is a period of 24 hours. Rental price includes civil liability insurance, collision damage waiver and limited rentee liability in case of theft of vehicle or it's parts.

You will be charged for an extra day if you exceed your 24 hour rental time by 29 minutes.

PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS: Rentee and main driver need to present a valid passport or ID card and a valid drivers license.

INSURANCE: All vehicles and their drivers are insured against damage or loss of third party belongings, healthcare and life insurance claims.

Rentee limited liability for damages to rental vehicle or theft of rental vehicle and/or it's parts, is limited to 400.00 EUR for car groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J and 800.00 EUR for other car groups.

RENTEE LIMITED LIABILITY REDUCTION: Rentee shall indemnify full losses in case of carelessness, especially if a police protocol for theft or collision is missing, or vehicle was driven by a driver not listed on rental agreement in case of a collision, even if rentee has paid for a full liability reduction.

AGE LIMITATION AND DRIVING EXPERIENCE: Minimum driver age is 23 years except car groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, that may be rented from 20 years of  age, given that driver experience is at least one full calendar year.

ADDITIONAL DRIVERS: An additional rate will be charged for each additional driver listed on the rental agreement.

PENALTIES: All administrative and traffic penalties that have occurred during rental period shall be paid by the rentee. In case of loss of car documents and / or keys, the rentee shall pay an administrative fee of 399.00 EUR.

An administrative fee of 40.00 EUR shall be applied on top of the penalty for processing each trafffic violation protocol or administrative penalty.